10) Finally, Have Fun

Have fun with your team, the people around you and the partners you have. We deal with all sorts of stress every day, and we need comic relief

Enjoy those people – have a laugh, A lot of what you will remember of your job will not be the cluster you delivered, but the people you worked with.

I have worked many different people throughout my career. The people I remember with most affection are the people with whom I had fun even in the most stressed out craziest time @ 4AM in the morning when trying unsuccessfully to deliver something.

I remember when I was the games team and we were trying to deliver a game, it wasn’t going well, we fixed on thing and broke another. it was around 2 AM and a Nerf war broke out, It was the games team so we all had nerf guns. Just then, my wife to be and the girlfriend of one of my team mates came in on their way home from a night out.   Seeing us with Nerf guns and one guy ‘Our Audio producer’ with a trash can over his head shooting wildly at each other. They just said – “Oh, so this is what you’re doing. Working LATE!”

And it is true. The people you work with especially during the most stressful times are the reasons that you make it through.

Remember no one dies thinking I wish I worked more. But maybe I should have won that Nerf war.

Question: What is the best fun you have had with your workmates, that is not offensive to post here. Share a good laugh!